Past Congresses

World Congresses of the WCCES are generally held once every three years at different locations globally. Sixteen congresses have been held since the original meeting in Ottawa, Canada. The XVII congress is scheduled to be held in Cancun, Mexico in 2019.

No. Year Place Theme
1 1970 Ottawa, Canada Education and the Formation of the Teaching Profession; Educational Aid to Developing Countries
2 1974 Geneva, Switzerland Efficiencies and Inefficiencies in Secondary Schools
3 1977 London, UK Unity and Diversity in Education
4 1980 Tokyo, Japan Tradition and Innovation in Education
5 1984 Paris, France Dependence and Interdependence in Education: The Role of Comparative Education
6 1987 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Education, Crisis and Change
7 1989 Montreal, Canada Development, Communication and Language
8 1992 Prague, Czechoslovakia Education and Democracy
9 1996 Sydney, Australia Tradition, Modernity and Postmodernity
10 1998 Cape Town, South Africa Education, Equity and Transformation
11 2001 Chungbuk, Republic of Korea New Challenges, New Paradigms: Moving Education into the 21st Century
12 2004 Havana, Cuba Education and Social Justice
13 2007 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Living Together: Education and Intercultural Dialogue
14 2010 Istanbul, Turkey Bordering, Re-Bordering and New Possibilities in Education and Society
15 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina New Times, New Voices
16 2016 Beijing, PR China Dialectics of Education: Comparative Perspectives
17 2019 Cancún, Mexico The Future of Education